Connecting People and Soil

A special event as part of the
Eurosoil 2021 Geneva Virtual Congress

The Eurosoil 2021 Organising Committee warmly invites contributions from state,
private and civil-society partners under the theme “Connecting People and Soil”.

The “Connecting People and Soil” event inside Eurosoil 2021 will organise a series of
communications, forums and debates co-organised with stakeholders (including
scientists) aimed at identifying and disseminating common strategies associating
scientists and actors of the different value chains, in order to preserve and restore the
soil resource.

This is a unique opportunity for stakeholders to meet other field experts and actors,
introduce their views and questions, collect up-to-date information, develop networks
and get involved in the future working groups hosted by ECSSS.

“Connecting People and Soil” Event Committee

Eurosoil 2020 Committee Member Pascal Boivin


President ECSSS / Head of the Agronomy Department, Professor of Soil Science, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland

Johan Bouma


Professor Emeritus Soil Science Wageningen University / EU Missions – Soil Health and Food Mission Board



Scientific Officer Federal Office for the Environment FOEN – Soil and Biotechnology Division

Léa-Lugassy 2


Scientific Coordinator Pour une Agriculture Du Vivant

Bastien Sachet


CEO Earthworm Foundation

Ruedi Staehli


Scientific Officer Federal Office for the Environment FOEN – Soil and Biotechnology Division

Frederic Thomas


Farmer – Co-founder Agriculture de Conservation

Key Topics for “Connecting People and Soil”

As a first step toward the overall objective: TOWARD A SOIL VOICE FOR 2030, and in order to fine-tune a soil voice for the decade to come, four topics have been identified and will structure the whole “Connecting People and Soil” process, leading to four wrap-up sessions on Friday 27 August 2021.

They are the following:

1. To share stakeholders’ connections and expectations with the research community to define common soil goals

2. To coordinate the establishment of common road maps to protect soil along the food value chain

3. To acquire common knowledge by rethinking ways of doing research

4. To foster common soil education and awareness

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